Collection: Malcolm Live Edge Dining Collection

Introducing our Malcom Live Edge Collection, where we craft exquisite heirloom-quality dining tables and benches that effortlessly infuse style and substance into any dining space. We meticulously select the finest natural materials and employ a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure unwavering quality and customer satisfaction throughout every piece.

Live edge or natural edge refers to a furniture style in which the designer or craftsperson integrates the wood's original, organic edge into the piece's design. This unique approach frequently involves using distinctive types of wood, such as Alligator Juniper, mesquite, Vachellia nilotica, and reclaimed wood that may not be suitable for traditional woodworking. Working with such wood presents particular challenges, leading to the development of various methods for creating live edge furniture. Some artisans choose to preserve the wood's natural holes and cracks, while others opt to fill them with resins to enhance the overall aesthetic.