Refunds & Returns

Refund and Returns Policy for The Furnishery's Furniture Business

  1. We prioritize customer satisfaction, but it's crucial to note that all sales are final. Once a product has been delivered, and the buyer has acknowledged receipt in acceptable condition, no returns or cancellations are accepted.
  2. In the event the buyer assigns a third party to receive the product on their behalf, the buyer assumes full responsibility. The buyer acknowledges that any individual assigned by them to receive the product is acting on their behalf, and any acceptance of the product by this third party is considered equivalent to the buyer's acceptance.
  3. If changes or cancellations are requested within the first 24 hours, and made on a credit card, a 5% credit card refund fee will apply for cancellations.
  4. The Furnishery does not permit orders to be canceled and does not provide refunds.
  5. A 25% restocking fee applies to all orders canceled by the customer before securing or delivery. The remaining 75% will be issued as merchandise credit.
  6. The Furnishery will issue a 75% merchandise credit for all secured/delivered merchandise returned in like-new condition within 48 hours of customer receipt.
  7. Products conform to samples displayed on our website or showroom floor. Photographs are considered representative and may not reflect a 100% accurate representation of color. Slight variances in size and color can be expected. Products made of natural materials may include unavoidable variations in color, texture, uneven grain, blemishes, marks, scratches, and cracks—these are not defects but natural characteristics. By purchasing these products, you accept these characteristics.
  8. Purchase is not contingent upon fitment in your space. The customer accepts all liability and responsibility for measuring their space before placing an order.
  9. Purchase is not contingent upon customer approval of how the purchased products appear in their final destination. Changes in lighting, time of day, and colors present in the environment can change the appearance or tones of products.
  10. Timelines for ordered (vs in-stock) products are estimates and provided based on the best knowledge available at the time of sale. The customer understands and accepts that a change in the fulfillment timeline for ordered products is not a valid reason for order cancellation.